When many responsible adults filed their important legal documents at home in a protected physical location, technologists were working to allow for digital representation of similar documents in an uneditable format we know today as Adobe’s PDF. We still use physical documents requiring signature, notarization, and witnessing. We do perform these actions, all within the safety of our understanding, then drive home, and file the document away in a safe in the back of our closet. An electronic copy not just for backup but also for accessibility at a later date could provide great value if created from the physical document.

At VirtualYouPlan, our mission is to protect and assist you digitally at all times using your mobile device and a card that can be used by emergency services in the event of an accident or illness. Our first service provides for an encrypted upload of a notarized and witnessed health care directive that can also be downloaded and legally used by a spouse e.g. if needed while on travel.

While many online businesses are selling your data, we are protecting it. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and start your VirtualYouPlan today.