Over 10% Elderly in US facing hunger … Unacceptable

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So, I’m currently trying to build a startup business to help people in my country first and then if I’m still kicking introduce the business to the world. And, as I build this business and work on my business plan, I’m wrestling with my market definition. Today, I read that the AARP Foundation shares a headline “According to new research from @AARP, nearly 10% of older adults in the U.S. face food insecurity and the threat of hunger”. “Stop the presses ..!”, I say. This is totally unacceptable!

My business is called VirtualYou and it’s really what the technical community calls a Software as a Service (SaaS). That’s a different name for a huge web application you can visit by putting an address in a browser on your computer, tablet, ipad, or cell phone. One of the promising features of VirtualYou is the online relationship that can be established between the elderly and a care-giver, child, traveling spouse, friend, lawyer, friend, partner, whoever really. And, e.g. the application has a “Needs” list where the online-relation can see the “need” and drop-ship a package from Sam’s Club, Amazon, Meals-Online, etc. Education and communication are key here. No one should be hungry in this country. No one.

My business began with a consideration for 50 and older and has since changed to include all adults with a connected device. AARP’s tweet today only solidified my market choice for the elderly. It also made me think about hunger as a problem. The only reason someone is hungry is because another human being doesn’t know they are hungry or fails to look the other way. A week ago the BBC had a YouTube video showing starving children in a hospital in Yemen. An eight year old, skin and bones, was dying and the mother was well-dressed, fingernails painted, and wearing gold jewelry. Hmmmm….

My application VirtualYou can help this problem because it can establish communication and build a much needed care-giver relationship with those in need. And, use of the application brings focus to what’s really important and that’s the connection of the in-need elderly person and the resourceful care-giver. Currently my application is publicly hosted and can be used. It’s not officially released. It’s release is planned for July 2024 but for now it does provide this care-giver and need-user relationship. It’s totally free now and the first 1000 users will be lifetime subscribers. Please visit the website https://site.virtualyou.info first and signup for the newsletter. I’m going to help tackle this problem. I’m doing this for “you”. I have no other motivation other than to build a business that truly helps the citizens of my country.

The VirtualYou application is hosted at https://app.virtualyou.info

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  1. Judith W

    Good work. A much needed service. I signed up.

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